HistoryJake and Judy Scarboro are the parents of Christine Stewart (President of 6-Twenty One Capital and co owner of The Scarboro).  Christine’s mother and father have been a model of unconditional love, support and understanding for the whole world to see.  Their steadfast and unwavering love has had a deep and profound impact on Christine, her husband Jeff and their four children, Ashley, Jake, Aaron and Josh.  They both have lived a life of integrity and have been a rock for this family and every part of the extended family.  Jake and Judy are deeply loved and are so very deserving of honor and praise for the way in which they have lived their lives.  We decided to brand the house with their surname “Scarboro” in the hope that they feel the love and respect we have for them.  It is also our desire that their name will be spoken by future generations who visit The Scarboro.  We hope that their name will become synonymous with the love, laughter and the blessed memories that are made here.  We ask that each pastor and family that visit, remember them in your prayers as you speak a blessing over their lives.